The Need for Balance


Acres leased to oil and
gas corporations


Acres public lands protected


Time Is Running Out To Protect Our Public Lands

America has a proud tradition of balancing energy development with conservation on public lands. But over the last four years, we have lost our way, setting aside less land for future generations and more land for boom-and-bust drilling. By putting conservation and recreation on equal ground with drilling we can restore balance and leave a meaningful legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Protected public lands are an economic driver for state and local economies, ensuring opportunities for sportsmen and anglers and drawing businesses and workers who value quality of life. Preserving unique acres furthers the experiences of families exploring the country’s natural beauty and advances the possibilities for outdoor recreation. Conservation is a unique American tradition, especially in the West.

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Languishing Lands Report

"...How do we strike the right balance for development and conservation to ensure that we serve our nation’s needs now and far into the future? So part of this is encouraging development in the right ways and in the right places. Part of that is recognizing there's some places that are too special to develop."

- Interior Secretary Sally Jewell